January 16 -19 Sale!

January 16 -19 Sale!

Thank you for interest in Builder’s Bargains – a 50% off weekly sale hop for builders!  Most items listed have a user license agreement.  License and product questions should be addressed to the store owner, all other inquiries or comments should be made in IM to Kat Alderson.

Check out the great bargains in store this week.  Click the pictures for larger views, click the store name for the SLURL!

TOOL SHED  (Fallacy DeCuir)
Bargain Price: L$85 and L$75 (regularly: L$360 and L$320)
Tool Shed - Ceilings (Lights) AdTool Shed - Shabby Heart Fabric (Lights v3) Ad

TREASURED COVE  (Cara Ametza & CarpeDiem Turbo)
Bargain Price: L$350 and L$125 (regularly: L$700 and L$250)
-TC- Love Pack 1 Textures-TC- Distressed Hearts Textures

.:UR:.  (Linnie Gothly)
Bargain Price: L$125 each (regularly: L$249 each)
._UR_. Modern Couch - Builder's Bargains._UR_. Play Set II - Swing Set II - Builder's Bargains

RO!ACT DESIGNS  (Ariana Monaron)
Bargain Price: L$49  each (regularly: L$99 each)
Abstract Seamless Frozen Glass Textures PosterSeamless Valentines Patterns Knitted Fabrics Set 2 Poster

CUPID’S TEXTURES  (Sweet Valentine)
Bargain Price: L$100 and L$75 (regularly: L$200 and L$150)
20 CHALK BOARD ART15 Glitter Skirting

Bargain Price: L$120 each  (regularly: L$240 each)
DATSI Mesh - Sunburst Party Pavilion Vendor TextureDATSI Mesh - Sunburst Bridge Vendor Texture

Bargain Price: L$60 each (regularly: L$150 each)
PixelCat Textures - Warm Bateson TweedPixelCat Textures - Candy Colour Silk

BLACK TULIP  (Auryn Beorn)
Bargain Price: L$95 (regularly: L$275)
[Black Tulip] Mesh - Classic Set #2 - Side Table (ad)

Thanks so much for your interest.  Happy Building!

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