January 9 -12 Sale!

January 9 -12 Sale!

Thank you for interest in Builder’s Bargains – a 50% off weekly sale hop for builders!  Most items listed have a user license agreement.  License and product questions should be addressed to the store owner, all other inquiries or comments should be made in IM to Kat Alderson.

Check out the great bargains in store this week.  Click the store name for the SLURL!

Tool Shed
Owner: Fallacy DeCuir

Tool Shed - Valentine Countdown Board Mesh Kit Ad

Bargain Price: L$99
Regularly: L$275

Clutter for Builders
Owner: Kat Alderson

Clutter for Builders - Zed Wood Textures Buckeye

Clutter for Builders - Zed Wood Textures Birch

Bargain Price: L$100 each
Regularly: L$360 each

Treasured Cove Mesh Prefabs
Owner: Cara Ametza & CarpeDiem Turbo

-TC- Prefab Pack 3 Mesh

Bargain Price: L$500
Regularly: L$1000

-TC- Shanty Pack 1 Mesh

Bargain Price: L$188
Regularly: L$375

UR Building Components
Owner: Nashari Hynes (Linnie Gothly)

._UR_. Japanese Art - Love - Builder's Bargains

Bargain Price: L$75
Regularly: L$149

._UR_. Wizarding Collection - Box & Wand II - Builder's Bargain

Bargain Price: L$125
Regularly: L$249

E&D Engineering
Owner: Eryn Republic & Texture Engineer

E&D ENGINEERING_ Textures - Decor Valentine Paper DVP004_t

Bargain Price: L$100
Regularly: L$200

E&D ENGINEERING_ Textures - Fabric Argyle Wool FAW022_t

Bargain Price: L$110
Regularly: L$225

m:ess Animations
Owner: Gianluca Munro

m.ess animations - Kiss 8 full perm builders bargain

Bargain Price: L$350
Regularly: L$750

Ro!Act Designs
Owner: Ariana Monaron

RoAct Seamless Baby Boy's Valentines Blue Hearts Patterns

RoAct Seamless Baby Girl's Valentines Red Hearts Patterns

Bargain Price: L$49 each
Regularly: L$99 each

Cupids Textures
Owner:  Sweet Valentine


Cupids 20 IN MY HEART

Bargain Price: L$100 each
Regularly: L$200 each

Dragons Are Too Seldom, Inc.
Owner: Mostal Resident

DATSI Mesh - Aquarium Set Vendor Texture

Bargain Price: L$200
Regularly: L$400

DATSI Mesh - Tripple Cube Bed Vendor Texture

Bargain Price: L$160
Regularly: L$330

Owner: MeshIT Resident

meshIT Bag2_AD

Bargain Price: L$299
Regularly: L$599

meshIT Dress10_AD

Bargain Price: L$249
Regularly: L$499

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