The Creators Market

Creators Market 175The Creators Market is an event-based shopping district on the Builders sim, nestled between the Clutter for Builders, Zwicked Textures, and WAM What a Mesh main stores and is just a stone’s throw away from the Tool Shed main store.  It features a monthly themed event which runs from the 1st through the 21st of each month.  It’s also home to the weekly Builder’s Bargains sale.

Merchant Information:

The Creators Market is an event-based shopping district on the Builders sim for merchants of creators components.  Candidates for rentals at The Creators Market must have a business primarily dedicated to full perm (copy-mod-trans) mesh kits, templates, textures, animations, poses, (copy-trans) scripts, or tools which are helpful to the creation of these products, or a necessary for business owners.

We are a community of like-minded creators who are invested in the Second Life economy, and are interested in seeing it grow.  We’re active in the community, and we esteem our customers.  Most of us were builders or designers before we started selling creators components and we understand the challenges and expenses our customers face.

Participants in The Creators Market get notice privileges in the Builder’s Bargains (additional terms apply) group, as long as they comply with the rules.  Builder’s Bargains is the most effective notice group in-world that is dedicated to creators components, and has a very low ratio of merchants-to-members.

Disclaimer: The Builders sim is owned by Kat Alderson, and is a full, private region.  The neighboring Clutter sim, Clutter for Builders, The Creators Market, and Builder’s Bargains are also owned by Kat Alderson and all rentals, sale participation and group participation are at her sole discretion.

Rental Terms for The Creators Market

Please understand that most of our participants were invited.  While we will consider applicants, acceptance is at the sole discretion of the sim owner, and may be denied, without explanation, even if there are spots which appear to be available.

  1. All items sold must be of your creation, be a creators tool or component, and may not include any copyright or trademark violations, and must be in compliance with the LL Terms of Service and US law.
  2. No items or signs rezzed outside your booth. (We’ll provide your sign and a landmark giver.)
  3. No multi-item vendors.
  4.  No greeters, traffic counters, group offerers, landmark offerers. Touch to join group kiosks and landmark givers are fine.
  5.  No glow, shine or light which effects anything outside of your booth.
  6.  No hover text.
  7.  You must remain in the land group for the duration of your rental.
  8. Rent (includes all event entry fees, as well as advertising, blogging, etc.) is L$2400 for 120 prims. (L$4.6 per prim per week).
  9. Rent is due on the 22nd of each month, and covers rent through the 21st of the following month.
  10. Rent is non-refundable.
  11. Any infringing items will be returned without notice.
  12. No store alts and no customer service reps  will be allowed to rez or send notices.

Themed Event Rules

Participation in the themed event is optional for The Creator Market renters, and is limited to renters only.

1. You must have one NEW themed item (full price is fine, discounted is better).

2. Themed event items must be exclusive to the Creators Market for 3 weeks – from the 1st to the 21st of the month. After the 21st, you’re free to offer them in your store.

3. You must rez the market poster in your main store location each month you participate.

4. Submission notecards are due by the 25th of preceding month. Use the notecard contained in your merchant kit.

5. Item set-up must be completed by the 28th of the preceding month at 5pm SLT and must remain rezzed through the 21st of the following month.

6. Themed event items must be clearly marked (we’ll provide stickers).

7. You MUST promote the event to your store group(s) each time you participate.

8. We will promote up to 8 items per brand on the in-world list (maximum of two previously released items), but may elect to limit promotion on the blog to 4 items per brand. (This decision will be made on a case-by-case and month to month basis.)


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