Simply the Best Merchant Rules

Simply the Best Merchant Rules

Our rules have been tested and refined over a number of popular groups and events, and are designed to benefit everyone involved: our esteemed shoppers, our participating merchants, and our staff.

1. Your items, and everything in your store, must be free of copyright violations, and in full compliance with the LL Terms of Service.

2. You must keep a “Simply the Best – Group Joiner v2” visible in your store at all times (keep it square, please!).

Sale Hop Rules

3. You must offer at least 50% off all items submitted for the sale (up to 2 items per round).

4. You must participate at least once a month, and you must offer at least 1 new item each round.  (Recolors do not count, unless they are exclusive to the event and not sold again.)

5. You may not repeat items.

6. Use the notecard in the “Simply the Best – Merchant Kit – March 2014” and drop it in the red mail box in the office
no later 5pm SLT on Tuesday.

7. Your products must be out, and priced correctly by 5pm SLT on Wednesday.

8. Your products must remain out and priced correctly until 11:59 on Sunday.

9. You must send the list, without edits, to your store groups each and every time you participate.

Notice Group Rules:

10. Notice privileges are for sale participants only.  Participants  may send one notice per day about their own products. You may not send the same notice every day.

11. You must attach a notecard created by you to each notice.  You may embed landmarks, product ads, surveys, and event lists and information in your notecard – you may not attach landmarks, product ads, or event info directly to your notice.

12. Do not advertise in group chat.

13. Do not ask questions about the rules, or deadlines in group chat.  These should be addressed to Kat Alderson in IM.

At this this time, we are not accepting applications for new merchants. Thank you so much for your consideration!  If you have questions, please IM Kat Alderson.

Simply the Best - Logo 512v2

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