Simply the Best

Simply the Best - Logo 512v2Simply the Best of SL is a sale hop and notice group in Second Life.  The fun starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday, with the STB merchants offering 50% off of some of their best and newest products.  Group members receive occasional notices from participating merchants about new releases, special offers, and events, as well as advanced notice of STB special events, like our semi-annual pay-for-play hunts, and, of course, the weekly list!

Rules for Merchants:  

Please note that notice privileges are reserved for merchants who actively participate in the sale hop.  Active is defined by participating at least once every six weeks.

1. Your items must be free of copyright, trademark, and user license infringements.

2. You may submit two products a week, one must be NEW.
3. Your items must be at least 50% off regular pricing for the duration of the round.
4. Your product notecards must be turned in by Tuesday at 5 p.m. SLT
5. You must have product ads, not snapshots. and your brand name or brand’s initials must be at the *beginning* of the name of the texture. ***512×512 or 256×512 only***
6. Your products must be out, set for sale, and priced correctly by Wednesday at 5 p.m. SLT
7. You must keep the newest STB joiner in your store at all times, and you must rez a copy of it next above, below, or next to your sale items. If you need a copy of the joiner, IM Kat Alderson
8. Put your products at your landing point, or put a TELEPORT BOARD at your landing point which will take folks to your sale items.
9. Active merchants may send up to one notice per day on the following conditions:

  • You attach a notecard to your notice which contains product ads, prices and your landmark .  No landmarks or textures can be directly attached directly to the notice.
  • Each notice must be new, not the same notice each day.  Spam decreases the effectiveness of the notice group.
  • Your notices must be about your products.  


To submit items for the sale hop, create a new notecard (must be created by you, the store owner), name it like this:
STB-Oct-23-Your Brand Name

(The month-number will always be the start date of the sale, that is always a Thursday). Do not include anything else in the title of the notecard.

Copy and paste everything BETWEEN the lines into the notecard. You only have to set up the notecard once, then its just making changes for the dates, products and prices. Easy, peasy.


Sale Price:

Sale Price:

Male sure your noteard is named like this: STB-Oct-23-Your Brand Name

Drop this notecard into the mailbox located here:

Due by Tuesday at 5pm SLT, no exceptions.

REPLACE “Store” with your brand name.
REPLACE “Owner” with your user name.
REPLACE “SLURL” with your main store SLURL
REPLACE “Landmark” with your landmark.

Put your new product ad AFTER the word “NEW!”
REPLACE the word “NEW!” with your product ad if your second item is not new..
Put a NUMBER after “Sale Price”. ( No “L” and no “$” )
Put a NUMBER after “Regularly”. ( No “L” and no “$” )

More than one sale goes into the mailbox, so the naming is important. If your notecard is not grouped for the right date, or with the other STB notecards, it will not be picked up – and you will not be included on the list.

There are no exceptions to any of the rules, deadlines or notecard formats.

If you are interested in becoming a participating merchant, please keep in mind the following:  We screen applicants carefully.  You must have in an in-world store that is not dated. Your products must be of quality and must be current. Any quantity of older, dated items in prominent areas of your store will count against you in the screening process.  The products in your store must be created by you.  Any IP violations in your store will be an immediate and irreversible rejection.  Your product ads must be attractive, informative, and in line with today’s sales and photography standards.

To apply, please IM Kat Alderson with the following information: The name of the group you’re applying for (in this case, Simply the Best), the name of your store, the type of products you sell, how long you’ve been in business, your main store SLURL, your marketplace URL, and your store blog’s URL.  Do not send notecards, landmarks, product samples, or any other inventory items. 

Thanks so much for your consideration.


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