Setting Up for the Builder’s Bargain Sale


You are responsible for having your products out on time, displayed correctly, and priced correctly.  We will not include items on the list that aren’t ready to go by the time we do our set-up check on Wednesday.

  • Your items must be rezzed in your assigned space at the Creators Market on the Builders sim, and priced correctly, no later than Wednesday at 5pm SLT.
  • If you are not a Creators Market renter, you will not be able to rez demos or group joiners, or any kind of listening device.  We will provide your store logo on a prim, with a landmark giver for your main store, and notecard giver for your user license agreement.
  • Your products must remain out and priced correctly through Sunday at 11:59pm SLT
  • You must send the complete Builder’s Bargains list, exactly as it is sent to you, to your store groups each time you participate, and no later than Friday at 8pm SLT.

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