Builder’s Bargains.

Builder's Bargains - Logo

Builder’s Bargains is a notice group and weekly sale in Second Life.  What makes Builder’s Bargains unique is that it’s first sale of its kind to offer only full perm and builders’ perm items.

Once a week, participating merchants are given the opportunity to participate in the 50% off sale, located at The Creators Market on the Builders sim in Second Life. You can find various builders’ permissions items such as mesh models, sculpt kits, textures, templates, animations, poses, scripts or building tools at discount to our esteemed shoppers group.  Shoppers in the notice group receive the weekly sale list, along with periodic update notices from participating merchants.

Get the weekly sale list, and updates from our talented by joining the Builder’s Bargains group in-world – we’re searchable! If for some reason you can’t find us in search, IM Kat Alderson for an invite.

Merchants interested in participating in the sale should read all of the rules, then IM Kat Alderson and state that you have read all of the rules, agree to abide by them, and provide your main store SLURL and your marketplace URL.


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