Merchant Resource Central Notice Group Rules

Merchant Resource Central - 512

Merchant Resource Central Merchant Rules

Effective immediately:

The following rules were updated on September 12, 2013 and are in place to create a useful and relevant group for all of its members, shoppers and resource merchants alike. If you don’t follow the rules, you will lose your notice privileges. Period.  As much as we’d like to send you personal reminders, it’s not practical – there are a lot of merchants in the group, and only one moderator, and like each of you, she has a business to run and other interests.

The rules are subject to change, and if they do, you will be advised by group notice. It’s your responsibility to monitor these things and keep abreast of changes.

Questions or concerns should be directed in IM to Gerard Tunwarm or Gwennifyr Resident.

  1. You must have the most current Merchant Resource Centrai group joiner rezzed in your store at all times.  It must be clearly visible to your shoppers.  If your group joiner looks like the image on this page, it’s correct.  If not, IM Gerard Tunwarm or Gwennifyr Resident for a new one.
  2. Notices must contain information of at least one NEW release of a full perm or builders’ perms items such textures, templates, mesh kits, sculpt kits, poses and animations, scripts and tutorials.
  3. ALL items mentioned in a notice must be full perm or builders’ perms and be created by you.  (This means CREATED, not just uploaded by you.)
  4. No freebie (of any kind) announcements in your notice title, or in the body of your notice, or in the title of your notecard.  If you have NEW freebies (hunt, group gift, Midnight Mania, Lucky Chair, etc.) you want to promote do it INSIDE the notecard you are sending.
  5. Notices are limited to 2 notices per week PER STORE.
  6. Notices must have a NOTECARD attached with product ads and prices for ALL items mentioned, and a landmark to where the items can be purchased.  Do not attach landmarks or textures directly to your notice.
  7. You may attach sale hop lists or paid hunt lists to your notecard *IF* you have NEW products on the list and they are full perm or builders’ perms. You may not attach a list directly to your notice.
  8. All items advertised must be your creations, and you must comply with licenses governing the resources and programs used to create your items. ABSOLUTELY NO copyright or trademark infringements.

Interested in obtaining notice privileges?

Disclaimer:  we are under no obligation what so ever to confer notice privileges.  There is no democratic process in Second Life, and group owners can govern and moderate their groups as they see fit within the LL ToS and Community Standards.  Understand we take resource creation very seriously.  Your shop will be reviewed by two or more members.  We will assess your shop for originality of content, quality, standard business transparency, and ease of navigation.  Your application may be denied without explanation.  Badgering of group owners, moderators, staff, and other group members or store checkers will not be tolerated.

If you agree with all of the statements and disclaimers above, IM Gerard Tunwarm or Gwennifyr Resident in-world, saying that you have read these rules, understand them, and will abide by them.  Please include your marketplace URL and your main store SLURL in the IM.  No notecards, and no landmarks, please.  Thank you.

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