Merchant Information

The Creators Market is an event-based shopping district on the Builders sim for merchants of creators components.  Candidates for rentals at The Creators Market must have a business primarily dedicated to full perm (copy-mod-trans) mesh kits, templates, textures, animations, poses, (copy-trans) scripts, or tools which are helpful to the creation of these products, or a necessary for business owners.

We host a monthly, themed event, and are the home to the weekly Builder’s Bargains sale (see the Builder’s Bargains tab).  Participation in the events is optional, but strongly encouraged.

We are a community of like-minded creators who are invested in the Second Life economy, and are interested in seeing it grow.  We’re active in the community, and we esteem our customers.  Most of us were builders or designers before we started selling creators components and we understand the challenges and expenses our customers face.

The Creators Market is advertised on SeraphimSL in classifieds in-world, and is promoted in the Builder’s Bargains and Merchant Resource Central notice groups.

Participants in The Creators Market get notice privileges in both the Builder’s Bargains and Merchant Resource Central groups, as long as they comply with the rules of those groups.  Builder’s Bargains is the largest notice group in-world that is dedicated to creators components, and has a very low ratio of merchants-to-members.

Participants pay rent monthly, but are never subject to additional fees for participation in Builder’s Bargains, or for advertising costs related to the events or the Builders sim.  See our Rental Terms for additional information.

Disclaimer: The Builders sim is owned by Kat Alderson, and is a full, private region.  The neighboring Clutter sim, Clutter for Builders, The Creators Market, Builder’s Bargains, Merchant Resource Central are also owned by Kat Alderson and all rentals, sale participation and group participation are at her sole discretion. 

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