Builder’s Bargains Submission Rules

You are responsible for completing your submission, in accordance with the rules,  and having it in on time.  Submissions which do not follow the rules, or are incomplete,  will be disregarded.


  • Effective June 17, 2014: You must be a renter at the Creators Market to participate in the Builder’s Bargains sale.
  • You must have at least one new item each time you participate. The new item(s) must be clearly indicated on your submissions notecard, and you may submit a total of 4 items per round.
  • Use the notecard contained in the “Builder’s Bargains Merchant Kit – February 14″.
  • No repeats of previously submitted products. (Feel free to mark down extra items in your booth, but I will not advertise previously submitted product).
  • Products submitted must be priced at least 50% off.  The sale price must be exclusive to Builder’s Bargains for the duration of the round.
  • You must submit product ADS.  Snapshots are not acceptable.
  • Product ads must NOT show plywood or untextured, tinted prims.  (AO textures are fine.) No exceptions.
  • Submissions are due on Mondays at 5pm SLT.  (And you must be set up by Wednesday at 5pm SLT). Submit your notecard to the red mail box in the Builder’s Bargains Office.
  • You need to be in the “Clutter” land group to receive merchant reminders and to set up for the sale. (You need this group for your rental spot, anyway.)

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