Builder’s Bargains Notice Group Rules

Builder’s Bargains Notice Group Rules

Notice privileges are for actively participating merchants in the Creators Market and in Builder’s Bargains.  To be considered active, you must submit for the sale at least once each month.

  • All notices must be for full perm products or creators resources, created by you.
  • You may send up to two notices per calendar week.  (Calendar week is Sunday through Saturday.)
  • Notices must be for your products and must have a notecard, created by you, attached.  Notecards must include the following:
    1. Product ad(s)
    2. Landmark to your store (and/or your Marketplace URL)
    3. Price of items being advertised.
  • Directly attaching a landmark, photo or object to a notice is forbidden. These must go onto a notecard.
  • You may embed notecards and/or landmarks for sales, hunts and fairs you are participating in onto your product notecard.   You may not send sale lists, hunt lists, or fair information directly.

These rules are non-negotiable and subject to change. Merchants are responsible for knowing them and following them.  Those who don’t will lose their privileges. (This isn’t baseball or grade school, its not a 3 strikes and you’re out situation.)

Interested in joining?

Before you go any further, please make sure you have read the general rules and the submission rules, as well as the notice group rules.  Links can be found in the header menu.

Disclaimer:  we are under no obligation what so ever to confer notice privileges or to have you in the sale.  There is no democratic process in Second Life, and group owners can govern and moderate their groups as they see fit within the LL ToS and Community Standards.  Understand we take resource creation very seriously.  Your shop will be reviewed by two or more members.  We will assess your shop for originality of content, quality, standard business transparency, and ease of navigation.  Your application may be denied without explanation.  Badgering of group owners, moderators, staff, and other group members or store checkers will not be tolerated.

If you agree with all of the statements and disclaimers above, IM Kat Alderson in-world, saying that you have read these rules, understand them, and will abide by them.  Please include your marketplace URL and your main store SLURL in the IM.  No notecards, and no landmarks, please.  Thank you.

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