Builder’s Bargains General Rules

Builder’s Bargains General Rules
Merchants are responsible for understanding and following the rules.  There will be immediate consequences for violating the rules.  Among these are suspension from the sale, suspension of notice privileges, and/or a ban from all participation in the group. Certain infractions will also lead to losing your notice privileges in the Merchant Resource Central group. 
  •  No drama, verbal abuse, hate-related content, hate-related language, or copyright violations of any kind will be tolerated.
  •  Merchants must keep a current Builder’s Bargain group joiner rezzed in their stores at all times.
  •  Merchants may only advertise their own original products, and must never misrepresent them.
  • Your store must be primarily full perm products or creators tools, and any finished goods (No Copy or No Transfer clothing, furniture, etc) must be in a separate section.
  • Your permissions must be clearly marked on your product ads.

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