The Creators Market is a shopping district for building and design supplies on the Builders sim in Second Life.  The Creators Market offers a monthly themed event which runs from the 1st to the 21st.  It’s also home to the Builder’s Bargains weekly sale.  Nestled between the Clutter for Builders, Zwicked Textures, and WAM What A Mesh main stores, The Creators Market features some the very best building and design supplies on the grid. Browse select items from Treasured Cove, Tool Shed, Cupids Textures, Black Tulip, Wallflowers Textures, UR Building Components, Textures Me True, Beyond Prims, Meshopotamia, SEW, TextureAni, and more!

Builder’s Bargains is a notice group and weekly sale in Second Life.  What makes Builder’s Bargains unique is that it’s first sale of its kind to offer only full perm and builders’ perm items.

Once a week, participating merchants are given the opportunity to participate in the 50% off sale, located at The Creators Market on the Builders sim in Second Life. You can find various builders’ permissions items such as mesh models, sculpt kits, textures, templates, animations, poses, scripts or building tools at discount to our esteemed shoppers group.  Shoppers in the notice group receive the weekly sale list, along with periodic update notices from participating merchants.

Merchant Resource Central is a notice group dedicated to  full perm components, as well as other creator resources and tools.  Members receive notices from a wide variety of resource merchants.  Merchants post notices about new products, with relevant information about their releases, time-sensitive offers, and special events.

Simply put, we are dedicated to bringing SL designers and builders value, and helping them to achieve their goals with a great variety of textures, animations, poses, mesh kits, tutorials, tools and templates geared to their needs.

Builder's Bargains - Logo Creators Market 512 Merchant Resource Central - 512

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